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That stuff in the Middle East is never going to stop.


4th Psychologic…

4th Psychological Operations Group. Is that what CNN is taking orders from? Of course, they can’t say. SECRET.   Operation Kill Assad has started.  10 months ago.

Today’s Vague Criticisms of the Amerikan Government

About the evil’s of mindless drone warfare Why does the Government do this sort of thing? For one simple reason. This a good way of spreading fear and terror amongst the cowering hordes of Pakistan. Whatever the National Security Spy Chief Whatever says in public is designed for one purpose. Propaganda. That and also the psychological purpose of spreading fear and terror amongst the “Enemy” people of certain border areas of Pakistan. Of course, if you are the average college-educated concerned citizen trying to stay aware of current events, it may be difficult to figure out what the goverment’s real purpose is. The issue of secrecy classification is just more doubletalk from people who do not have any interest in truthfully informing the citizens of anything. That way you are supposed to think there is actually some truth in what they are saying.

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